Welcome to the 2020 ARRIS Lisle Golf League season. In anticipation of the first round on Monday April 20th, its time to declare your 2020 status. We will be playing once again at Village Greens on Monday evenings. Cost should be very close to the same as last year. I'll send out more information on the details soon.

Golf Season Postponed
Due to the COVID-19 precautions the first 2 rounds (4/20 and 4/27) have been postponed. Hoping to start the league May 4th but that will depend of the current status of the situation. We should be able to extend the season 2 weeks to make up for these missed weeks. Stay tuned...

2019 League Champion
Congratulations to Steve Engelstad for winning the 2019 Arris Golf League Championship.

Mon April 20th - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

PlayerTypeHC/IdxDues PaidRounds
D. BarbourRegular12.2/11pending61
B. BarkerRegular3.7/3.3pending87
B. BradshawRegular8.6/7.8pending78
J. BraunshausenRegular17.6/15.9pending41
R. CloonanRegular pending 
J. DeMentRegular12.7/11.5pending75
K. DierkingRegular19.5/18.2pending4
J. DoughertyRegular5.4/4.9pending83
C. DoyleGuest --3
S. EngelstadRegular9.3/8.4pending71
G. EslaryRegular13.5/12.2pending31
T. KeeleRegular9.4/8.5pending88
R. KubitGuest --1
A. MansenRegular12.8/11.6pending65
P. MatzdorfRegular5.3/4.8pending73
P. MortonSubstitute -- 
B. MulrowRegular12.7/11.5pending80
J. OlsenRegular9.1/8.2pending79
K. OlsenRegular10.7/9.7pending82
G. PientkaRegular6.6/6pending83
S. SandersRegular5.9/5.3pending78
T. ScaleRegular14.6/13.2pending61
K. SchmidtRegular15.6/14.1pending60
M. SzaboRegular8.1/7.3pending41
L. ThomasSubstitute18.8/18.2--10
J. TouheyRegular4.3/3.9pending86
J. WangRegular15.5/14pending35
B. WardRegular12.1/10.9pending55
L. WerthSubstitute6.9/6.4--33