Mon June 5th - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Round 5: Mon May 22 - Complete     Course: Village Greens

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PlayerScoreHCNetPlacePointsBonusNew HC/Index
S. Viggiano4512.432.6110011.9/11.1
K. Olsen439.733.32609.4/8.8
T. Reid428.433.63387.6/7.1
S. Sanders427.334.74276.6/6.2
B. Mulrow4712.234.852211.5/10.7
T. Keele4610.335.762010.3/9.6
B. Ward53153871815.6/14.6
T. Scale5718.538.581718.1/16.9
J. Dougherty445399165.9/5.5
D. Barbour5313.539.5101514.3/13.4
G. Pientka487.740.311147.7/7.2
J. Touhey (S)435.737.35.7/5.3
P. Fischer (S)4910.938.110.9/10.2
J. DeMent (S)61144714/13.1

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

 2023 STANDINGS     standings grid
 1T. Keele198 10.3/9.6446.3
 2S. Viggiano174 11.9/11.1449.3
 3G. Pientka172207.7/7.2446.3
T4J. Dougherty157155.9/5.5445.8
T4K. Olsen157 9.4/8.8446.8
 6T. Reid148 7.6/7.1445.8
 7J. Wang128359.4/8.8348
 8S. Sanders106206.6/6.2445.3
 9D. Barbour76 14.3/13.4452.8
 10B. Mulrow58 11.5/10.7350.3
 11S. Engelstad44 7.9/7.4349.3
 12T. Scale31 18.1/16.9257.5
T13B. Bradshaw18 6.4/6146
T13B. Ward18 15.6/14.6153
 15J. Braunshausen15 14/13.1155
 16C. Coogan0 19.5/18.2 
SB. Barker  -  
SK. Barker  -  
SJ. Chen  -  
SR. Cloonan  -  
SJ. DeMent  -  
SG. Eslary  -  
SP. Fischer  -  
SD. Paney  -  
SR. Shapley  -  
SJ. Touhey  -  
SB. Wunnicke  -  

Season Stats
 Low Scratch (1st): 40 -J. Dougherty [3]
 Low Scratch (2nd): 42 -S. Sanders [5], T. Reid [5]
 Low Net (1st): 32.6 -S. Viggiano [5]
 Low Net (2nd): 33.3 -K. Olsen [5]

  Round #5
 Winner: S. Viggiano [45], Runner-up: K. Olsen [43]
  Round #4
 Winner: T. Reid [44]
 Bonus: J. Wang: 15 [Closest to pin on #4]
  Round #3 [Fewest putts]
 Winner: J. Dougherty [40], Runner-up: T. Keele [45]
 Bonus: J. Dougherty: 15 [fewest putts]
  Round #2
  Round #1 [First Birdie of the Year]
 Winner: G. Pientka [43], Runner-up: K. Olsen [45]
 Bonus: G. Pientka: 20 [1st birdie scratch], J. Wang: 20 [1st birdie net], S. Sanders: 20 [1st birdie net]