Championship Round Sep 22nd
We have 4 tee times for Tue Sep 22nd. These tee times are 18 holes and start at 2:06pm. The top 12 players in the standings, after the Sep 14th round, will vie for the coveted ARRIS Golf League Champion title.

The 4th tee time will be open for any regular to play who is not in the top 12, so if want to play 18 on Sep 22nd be sure to set your status for the Sep 22nd round to "IN". If there is more than 4, I will fill the open slots based on total league points.

There is no golf on Mon Sep 21st

Tue September 22nd - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

Info: The championship round will be 18 holes and tee times will start at 2:06pm. The top 12 players in the standings will vie for the coveted Arris Golf League Champion title.

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Round 19: Mon September 14 - Complete     Course: Village Greens

Info: Playoff for championship. All regular players are eligible. We will use the normal tees today (white for men and red for women) but points are doubled. The top 12 after this round will play for the Championship on Sep 21st.

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PlayerScoreHCNetPlacePointsBonusNew HC/Index
J. Wang4712.534.5120012.2/11.4
T. Keele461135212010.8/10.1
J. Dougherty415363764.8/4.5
P. Matzdorf425.936.14545.7/5.3
J. Olsen469.236.85449/8.4
J. Touhey414.136.96404.3/4
G. Eslary5012.537.573612.5/11.7
B. Mulrow5012.237.883412.5/11.7
T. Reid468.137.99318.1/7.6
K. Olsen4911.137.993111.2/10.5
G. Pientka466.439.611286.6/6.2
B. Barker454.440.612264.4/4.1
T. Scale5715.641.4132415.6/14.6
D. Barbour5511.543.5142211.6/10.8
P. Fischer559.145.915229.1/8.5

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 2020 CHAMPIONSHIP   [Pending] 
PlayerLeague PointsSeedHC/IdxSeed Points
J. Wang707125/11.42000
J. Dougherty57529.9/4.51800
J. Touhey52638.8/41520
T. Reid503416.7/7.61296
P. Fischer462518.7/8.51280
G. Pientka451613.6/6.21120
T. Scale404732/14.6960
B. Mulrow398825.7/11.7800
T. Keele381922.2/10.1640
J. Olsen3301018.4/8.4480
D. Barbour2821123.7/10.8384
B. Barker276129/4.1368

R20, Tuesday September 22, 2020, Village Greens, 18 holes, tee: WHITE, Rating/Slope: 70.2/124

The top 12 start with Seed points based on their season finish (total league points). They are awarded Place points based on their finish in the championship round. Seed and Place points are shown below. Ties will result in tied players getting the points for that place (e.g 2 players tie for 3rd and both get 760 points).
PlaceSeed PtsPlace Pts
This point scheme is from the 2019 PGA FedEx Cup see 2019 PGA TOUR Championship reseed points.

Woodridge, IL WEATHER

 2020 STANDINGS     standings grid
 1J. Wang707 12.2/11.41550.6
 2J. Dougherty575 4.8/4.51543.2
 3J. Touhey526 4.3/41542.2
 4T. Reid503 8.1/7.61346.3
 5P. Fischer462 9.1/8.51247.3
 6G. Pientka451 6.6/6.21344.4
 7T. Scale404 15.6/14.61454
 8B. Mulrow398 12.5/11.71551
 9T. Keele381 10.8/10.11449
 10J. Olsen330 9/8.41447.7
 11D. Barbour282 11.6/10.81453.6
 12B. Barker276 4.4/4.11242.4
 13K. Olsen273 11.2/10.51249.4
 14P. Matzdorf203 5.7/5.3844.9
 15J. DeMent189 13.8/12.9753.6
 16K. Barker162 18.8/18.2755.6
 17G. Eslary160 12.5/11.7750
 18S. Engelstad138 8.8/8.2446.3
 19S. Sanders118 6/5.6543.4
T20J. Braunshausen0 17/15.9 
T20K. Schmidt0 15.1/14.1 
T20M. Szabo0 7.8/7.3 
T20B. Ward0 11.7/10.9 
SB. Bradshaw  -  
SR. Cloonan  -  
SC. Coogan  -  
SC. Daun  -  
SK. Dierking  -  
SM. Elliott  -  
SA. Mansen  -  
SD. McFarland  -  
SP. Morton  -  
SD. Paney  -  
SL. Thomas  -  
SS. Viggiano  -  
SW. Vik  -  
SL. Werth  -  
SB. Wunnicke  -  

Season Stats
 Low Scratch (1st): 37 -J. Touhey [10], J. Touhey [12]
 Low Scratch (2nd): 39 -B. Barker [10], J. Dougherty [11]
 Low Net (1st): 30.4 -P. Fischer [11]
 Low Net (2nd): 30.7 -D. Barbour [12]

  Round #19
 Winner: J. Wang [47], Runner-up: T. Keele [46]
  Round #18
 Winner: P. Fischer [43], Runner-up: P. Matzdorf [40]
  Round #17
 Winner: G. Pientka [40], Runner-up: S. Sanders [41]
  Round #16 [Major #2]
 Winner: J. Dougherty [41], Runner-up: J. Olsen [46]
  Round #15
  Round #14
 Winner: T. Reid [41], Runner-up: J. Wang [46]
  Round #13
 Winner: B. Mulrow [47], Runner-up: T. Scale [51]
  Round #12
 Winner: D. Barbour [43], Runner-up: J. Wang [46]
  Round #11
 Winner: P. Fischer [41], Runner-up: J. Dougherty [39]
  Round #10
 Winner: J. Touhey [37], Runner-up: P. Fischer [44]
  Round #9 [Jill Meinzer Major]
 Winner: J. Touhey [41], Runner-up: J. Wang [52]
  Round #8
 Winner: J. DeMent [49], Runner-up: J. Dougherty [42]
  Round #7
 Winner: T. Scale [49], Runner-up: B. Mulrow [47]
  Round #6
 Winner: J. Wang [46], Runner-up: T. Reid [43]
  Round #5
  Round #4
 Winner: T. Reid [44], Runner-up: J. Dougherty [41]
  Round #3 [Round 3]
 Winner: G. Pientka [43], Runner-up: T. Reid [47]
  Round #2
  Round #1