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Starting with the 5/23 round I need to give Village Greens a count on Sunday for the Monday round. Please make sure you update your status before Sunday 2pm (latest).

Mon May 23rd - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Round 4: Mon May 16 - Complete     Course: Village Greens

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PlayerScoreHCNetPlacePointsBonusNew HC/Index
J. Dougherty40733110066.5/6.1
J. Touhey394.834.2260284.7/4.4
P. Fischer4811.836.2338611.6/10.8
S. Sanders425.236.842795/4.7
S. Engelstad468.637.4522129/8.4
G. Eslary5012.537.5620312.4/11.6
B. Bradshaw457.437.671867.6/7.1
S. Viggiano521438817913.8/12.9
J. Olsen489.538.591699.9/9.2
G. Pientka456.438.6101496.6/6.2
J. DeMent5112.438.6101412.4/11.6
B. Mulrow5213.438.61014313.7/12.8
T. Reid477.939.1131267.9/7.4
B. Barker443.440.6141293.4/3.2
K. Olsen5312.440.614121212.4/11.6
J. Wang5211.240.8161011.2/10.5
T. Keele519.241.8171069.2/8.6
A. Mansen5512.542.51810913.1/12.2
B. Ward5815.442.6199915.4/14.4
D. Barbour5915.143.9209615.4/14.4
T. Scale6213.748.3219614/13.1
R. Cloonan (S)52173517/15.9
K. Barker (S)5418.835.2318.8/18.2

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

 2022 STANDINGS     standings grid
 1B. Barker231193.4/3.2340.3
 2J. Touhey190384.7/4.4443
 3J. Dougherty178166.5/6.1445.5
 4T. Keele161169.2/8.6450.3
 5S. Sanders152495/4.7443.8
 6B. Bradshaw150367.6/7.1446.3
 7T. Reid12667.9/7.4447.5
 8G. Pientka98296.6/6.2446
 9P. Fischer931611.6/10.8452
 10G. Eslary77312.4/11.6451.5
T11A. Mansen732913.1/12.2455.5
T11K. Olsen732212.4/11.6453.8
 13S. Engelstad68229/8.4349.7
 14J. DeMent651012.4/11.6352.3
 15J. Olsen6499.9/9.2349.3
 16D. Barbour45615.4/14.4356.7
T17S. Viggiano44913.8/12.9253.5
T17B. Ward44915.4/14.4356.7
 19J. Wang39 11.2/10.5353
 20J. Braunshausen37 16.7/15.6256.5
 21T. Scale35614/13.1364
 22B. Mulrow17313.7/12.8152
SK. Barker  -  
SR. Cloonan  -  
SB. Wunnicke  -  

Season Stats
 Low Scratch (1st): 38 -B. Barker [3]
 Low Scratch (2nd): 39 -B. Barker [2], J. Touhey [4]
 Low Net (1st): 33 -J. Dougherty [4]
 Low Net (2nd): 34.2 -J. Touhey [4]

  Round #4 [Up-and-Downs]
 Winner: J. Dougherty [40], Runner-up: J. Touhey [39]
 Bonus: G. Pientka: 9, J. Dougherty: 6, S. Viggiano: 9, A. Mansen: 9, B. Mulrow: 3, S. Sanders: 9, J. Touhey: 28 [6 UpDn], G. Eslary: 3, B. Bradshaw: 6, B. Barker: 9, T. Scale: 6, B. Ward: 9, S. Engelstad: 12, J. Olsen: 9, K. Olsen: 12, D. Barbour: 6, T. Keele: 6, T. Reid: 6, P. Fischer: 6
  Round #3 [Longest Drive in the Fairway - holes 3, 5, 8]
 Winner: B. Barker [38], Runner-up: B. Bradshaw [43]
 Bonus: S. Sanders: 20 [#3,#5], J. Dougherty: 10 [#8]
  Round #2 [Tee Shots in the fairway]
 Winner: B. Barker [39], Runner-up: J. Touhey [41]
 Bonus: J. Touhey: 10, S. Sanders: 10, B. Bradshaw: 20 [most fairways], S. Engelstad: 10, B. Barker: 10, A. Mansen: 10, K. Olsen: 10
  Round #1 [Fewest Putts]
 Winner: T. Keele [46], Runner-up: T. Reid [46]
 Bonus: G. Pientka: 20 [13 putts], J. DeMent: 10, B. Bradshaw: 10, S. Sanders: 10, T. Keele: 10, A. Mansen: 10, P. Fischer: 10