Golf Restrictions as of 5/29/20
Some of the restrictions are lifted starting 5/29/20

1. foursomes are allowed
2. First tee time is 4:12pm - 9 minutes between tee times
3. no riding carts and no pull cart rentals (bring your own)
4. clubhouse and restrooms will not be available
5. no congregating on the first tee (or any tee or after the round)

I will pay for everyone on Monday before the round. If you are a sub then I will ask you to reimburse me within 48 hours after the round via electronic payment.

Show up for your tee time 15 minutes before, at most, and be prepared to go when your tee box is available. Practice safe social distancing while at the course.

Mon June 1st - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Round 5: Mon May 18 - Cancelled     Course: Village Greens

Info: Golf course is closed due to rain

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

 2020 STANDINGS     standings grid
 1T. Reid160 8.7/8.1245.5
 2G. Pientka113 6.4/6247
 3J. Dougherty76 5.7/5.3244
 4B. Barker65 3.6/3.4243
 5K. Barker55 18.8/18.2258.5
 6J. Touhey44 4.7/4.4244.5
 7K. Olsen37 10.8/10.1252
 8B. Mulrow36 12.5/11.7253
 9J. Wang34 15/14258.5
 10P. Matzdorf32 5.4/5247.5
 11J. Olsen31 8.8/8.2251.5
 12T. Scale27 14.8/13.8260
 13D. Barbour26 12/11.2256
 14T. Keele20 9.5/8.9150
 15M. Elliott
    dues not paid
11 18.1/16.9168
T16B. Bradshaw
    dues not paid
0 8.4/7.8 
T16J. Braunshausen0 17/15.9 
T16J. DeMent0 12.3/11.5 
T16K. Dierking
    dues not paid
0 19.5/18.2 
T16S. Engelstad0 9/8.4 
T16P. Fischer0 10.6/9.9 
T16S. Sanders
    dues not paid
0 5.7/5.3 
T16K. Schmidt0 15.1/14.1 
T16M. Szabo
    dues not paid
0 7.8/7.3 
T16S. Viggiano
    dues not paid
0 11.9/11.1 
T16B. Ward0 11.7/10.9 
SR. Cloonan  -  
SC. Coogan  -  
SC. Daun  -  
SG. Eslary  -  
SD. McFarland  -  
SP. Morton  -  
SD. Paney  -  
SL. Thomas  -  
SW. Vik  -  
SL. Werth  -  
SB. Wunnicke  -  

Season Stats
 Low Scratch (1st): 41 -J. Dougherty [4]
 Low Scratch (2nd): 43 -G. Pientka [3], B. Barker [3], B. Barker [4]
 Low Net (1st): 34.7 -T. Reid [4]
 Low Net (2nd): 35.2 -J. Dougherty [4]

  Round #5
  Round #4
 Winner: T. Reid [44], Runner-up: J. Dougherty [41]
  Round #3 [Round 3]
 Winner: G. Pientka [43], Runner-up: T. Reid [47]
  Round #2
  Round #1