2021 Season Starts 4/26/21
The 2021 season will start on Monday April 26th and go through September 20th at Village Greens in Woodridge.

Before April 26th, I will schedule a lunch to celebrate the end of the 2020 season and present the trouphy and green jacket to the 2020 champion Tim Scale.

Mon April 26th - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

PlayerTypeHC/IdxDues PaidRounds
D. BarbourRegular11.6/10.8pending78
B. BarkerRegular4.4/4.1pending100
B. BradshawRegular8.6/7.8pending78
J. BraunshausenRegular17.6/15.9pending41
R. CloonanSubstitute -- 
K. DierkingGuest19.5/18.2--4
J. DoughertyRegular4.8/4.5pending102
C. DoyleGuest --6
C. Doyle2Guest -- 
C. Doyle3Guest -- 
C. Doyle4Guest -- 
S. EngelstadRegular8.8/8.2pending77
P. FischerRegular9.1/8.5pending69
D. HymelGuest -- 
T. KeeleRegular10.8/10.1pending105
R. KubitGuest --1
P. MatzdorfRegular5.7/5.3pending81
B. MulrowRegular12.5/11.7pending98
J. OlsenRegular9/8.4pending115
K. OlsenRegular11.2/10.5pending97
G. PlayerGuest -- 
T. ReidRegular8.1/7.6pending65
S. SandersRegular6/5.6pending83
T. ScaleRegular15.6/14.6pending79
K. SchmidtGuest15.6/14.1--60
M. SzaboGuest8.1/7.3--41
J. TouheyRegular4.3/4pending104
S. ViggianoRegular12.3/11.1pending41
J. WangRegular12.2/11.4pending54
B. WardRegular12.1/10.9pending55