New Season 2023
Season will start 04/24/2023

Co-Presidents for 2023
This year Steve Sanders and Bob Bradshow will be co-presidents. 

2022 Champion
Congratulations to Terry Keele on winning the 2022 Arris Lisle Golf League Championship

Mon April 24th - Pending     Course: Village Greens  

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Woodridge, IL WEATHER

PlayerTypeHC/IdxDues PaidRounds
M. AbdeljaberRegular pending 
K. AsheNew Member -- 
D. BarbourRegular13.1/12.2pending111
B. BarkerRegular3.1/2.9pending117
K. BarkerSubstitute18.8/18.2--7
B. BolandGuest -- 
B. BradshawRegular6.3/5.9pending112
J. BraunshausenGuest14/13.1--66
J. ChenNew Member -- 
R. CloonanSubstitute -- 
C. CooganRegular19.5/18.2pending7
A. CorbettGuest -- 
J. DeMentSubstitute14/13.1--102
K. DierkingGuest19.5/18.2--4
J. DoughertyRegular5.4/5pending139
C. DoyleGuest --11
M. ElliottGuest18.1/16.9--33
S. EngelstadRegular7/6.5pending92
G. EslaryRegular11.5/10.7pending76
P. FischerSubstitute10.9/10.2--92
R. FischerGuest -- 
D. GasbarroGuest -- 
A. GuestGuest -- 
T. KeeleRegular10.3/9.6pending140
J. KogutGuest -- 
R. KubitGuest --1
M. McHaleGuest -- 
P. MortonGuest -- 
B. MulrowRegular12/11.2pending123
J. OlsenGuest9.2/8.6--126
K. OlsenRegular9.5/8.9pending126
D. PaneyRegular19.5/18.2pending1
G. PientkaRegular8/7.5pending129
T. ReidRegular7.5/7pending101
S. SandersRegular6.1/5.7pending110
T. ScaleRegular16.8/15.7pending107
K. SchmidtGuest15.6/14.1--60
R. ShapleySubstitute -- 
M. SzaboGuest8.1/7.3--41
L. ThomasGuest18.8/18.2--10
J. TouheyRegular5.7/5.3pending138
S. ViggianoRegular12.4/11.6pending69
W. VikGuest15.3/14.3--54
B. WalkerGuest --1
J. WangRegular10.6/9.9pending79
T. WangGuest -- 
B. WardRegular15/14pending78
B. WunnickeSubstitute --